Acoustics and Soundfield Project

During the March 2010 BATOD national conference the BATOD Foundation took up the brief to set up a project considering classroom acoustics.  The Trustees and a group of interested professionals looked at the current research.  Stuart Whyte (Audiology BATOD NEC) produced a summary of research into Soundfield published on both the BATOD Foundation and the BATOD websites).  Anne Wilson and Peter Grayson (Sheffield Service) presented a workshop at the March 2011 Conference at the Marriott MetroCentre looking at measuring what pupils are actually hearing using the BKB test. (BATOD May 2011 Acoustically good? page 25).

The Hello Campaign which Jean Gross spoke about at the BATOD conference is dedicated to improving the communication skills of all young people – and Teachers of the Deaf can be key people in ensuring that fellow professionals know about the advantages of a good listening environment in school.  The campaign itself may help to generate funding leading to increasing the use of Sound Field Systems in most schools as is reported to be the case in schools in Canada for example.

Ted Moore (Foundation Company Secretary and a previous President of BATOD)  looked through past BATOD Magazines to produce a list of the articles that had been written to inform Teachers of the Deaf about aspects of acoustics, Fm, soundfield and related topics.  
This review of articles in the BATOD Journal & Magazine from 2000 to March 2010 compiled by Ted Moore is available on this website.

Stuart Whyte, a  Qualified Teacher of the Deaf and Educational Audiologist has written a guide to research on soundfield systems.  This guide to research on soundfield systems is available on this website.

Articles which have appeared in the BATOD Magazine about using BKB test to assess what pupils are actually hearing have been collected into a single document are available to download from this website.

An issue for the Foundation is how to disseminate the information to as many people as possible who could benefit – providing evidence or a way of collecting the evidence that whilst improving classroom acoustics is important the benefits of Sound Field Systems can ameliorate the situation.  Four key SFS providers (Connevans, Lightspeed, PCWerth, Phonak) and Ecophon supported a conference on Friday 25 November 2011 at Knightsfield/Monks Walk School, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.  This was free to delegates - Teachers of the Deaf,  Educational Audiologists, SENCos, mainstream teachers working with deaf pupils and all other associated professionals